Minnesota Leather Pride Wrap-up!

Last weekend was the third annual Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend. During the weekend the TCboL were all over the place. Our members dedicated their time on Saturday morning providing coffee for the, Titan’s of the Midwest,  KINK U classes held at the Eaglebolt Bar.

Minnesota Leather Pride’s contest for MN Leather Sir/boy and Ms. Minnesota Leather Pride was a blast and our very own Pugsley was awarded the new MN Leather boy.  Congratulations!!!

We would also like to thank Kerry and Danielle for helping us with the coffee service. It means a lot to us!


A very successful TCL Weekend!

From left to right are the boys: Sassy, Pugsley, Justin and Joshua.

Over the weekend, the Twin Cities boys of Leather had the honor of providing coffee service for the Twin Cities Leather contest weekend. It was a great way to lend our service to a jam packed weekend- from Kink U to the panel of judges/producers hard at work judging, and most importantly the Twin Cities community at large during the after brunch on Sunday.

It was a great way for us to provide service and educate those in our community who may not know what it means to be a boy/boi. Thank you again Twin Cities Leather and Latte for allowing us to be part of such an amazing weekend!!! Next time we should deliver a doughnut to every judge. But like Syn said, that’s what is great about having a boy- we’re always looking to be of (tasty) help!

TCL Leather Weekend now with boy service!

Good morning, boys, bois, and friends! Twin Cities Leather weekend is almost upon us. Wait- You don’t know about TCL weekend?!

Image result for Ru Paul, gasp gif

Twin Cities Leather Weekend is put on by the fine folks at Twin Cities Leather & Latte that includes a contest for Mr. Twin Cities Leather, social gatherings, education from the fine folks at Kink U, and brunch! Could it get any better?!

Image result for yaaaasss gif

(Yes, the answer is yes.) We are volunteering coffee service for the judges Saturday morning, for Kink U that afternoon and for the brunch Sunday morning. Keep a lookout for us. Enjoy Twin Cities Leather Weekend 2017!

Jello shots for charity!

From Halloween through the month of November the Twin Cities boys of Leather are raising money for Youthlink by selling jello shots at The Saloon. Come see our boys, support an amazing organization and frequent a local business. We raised $300 on Halloween weekend alone!

More information can be found about Youthlink here:


Book Club has moved days!

In order to allow for our lovely sisters at Twin Cities girls of Leather to get in on book club, we’ve moved our book club to Wednesday, October 26th. Same bat time (7 pm to 8 pm), same bat channel. Because The Killer Wore Leather is a whopping 45 chapters, we’re only going to discuss 5 chapters at a time. Don’t fret if you’ve not ordered it yet, or if you’ve just started. You’ve got a whole extra week to delve into the murder of Mr. Global Leather!

TCboL’s Next Book- The Killer Wore Leather!

Time to snap on your cleverest set of cuffs, dust off the smoking (leather) jacket and puff away on a pipe pensively for our next TCboL book club read:

The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antinou

“Mr. Global Leather has been murdered!

In the Grand Sterling Hotel of Midtown Manhattan, home of the huge annual leather/BDSM/fetish ball and contest, Mr. & Ms. Global Leather, last year’s male winner lies dead on the floor of his suite, wearing only very frilly, bright yellow panties. Cormac “Mack” Steel made a lot of enemies in his year wearing the studded leather sash, not the least being his co-winner Mistress Ravenfyre. But she is not alone – there are over three thousand attendees at this year’s fetish-festooned event from all over the world, some of whom might have had some very personal issues with the corpse.”


The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com in Kindle, paperback and MP3 CD audio.  We will be diving into the murder mystery of the century on October 19th at Twin Cities Leather and Latte! Don’t forget to grab a copy of Laura’s book, if it’s the last thing you do!

Now accepting applications!

As of our July 2016 meeting, we have opened up our membership applications for associate and full members! Please fill out the application linked below by printing it and then scanning it. The completed document can either be emailed to boy Woody at mpls.justin.boy@gmail.com or can be handed in in person at our next meeting.

We can collect dues once the application is reviewed and voted on. Thanks!

TCboL Application

In boyhood,

Twin Cities boys of Leather