A very successful TCL Weekend!

From left to right are the boys: Sassy, Pugsley, Justin and Joshua.

Over the weekend, the Twin Cities boys of Leather had the honor of providing coffee service for the Twin Cities Leather contest weekend. It was a great way to lend our service to a jam packed weekend- from Kink U to the panel of judges/producers hard at work judging, and most importantly the Twin Cities community at large during the after brunch on Sunday.

It was a great way for us to provide service and educate those in our community who may not know what it means to be a boy/boi. Thank you again Twin Cities Leather and Latte for allowing us to be part of such an amazing weekend!!! Next time we should deliver a doughnut to every judge. But like Syn said, that’s what is great about having a boy- we’re always looking to be of (tasty) help!

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